The ever-changing field of health care
demands skilled and experienced leadership.

Our experience, tools and people make the difference in providing clients innovative solutions to their management needs. Serving as advisors or full-time managers, we work to make your organization successful in caring for others. The staff at Westcare understand the complexities of facility operations and are available to assist you.



Westcare’s management staff have over 50 years of combined experience in caring for the elderly. We have helped clients win national recognition for quality of care as well as provided financial training and billing expertise.

Veterans Care Centers of Oregon

Veterans Care Centers of Oregon is a non-profit company that currently operates the Oregon Veterans Home in The Dalles, Oregon and the Oregon Veterans Home in Lebanon, Oregon. These are skilled nursing homes for veterans, their spouses or parents who have lost a child to war-time service. They provide skilled nursing care, Alzheimer’s or dementia care as well as outpatient rehabilitation.

Oregon Veterans Home — The Dalles 700 Veterans Drive | The Dalles, OR 97058 | (541) 296-7190

Oregon Veterans Home — Lebanon 605 N 5th Street | Lebanon, OR 97355

Intellectually Disabled

Westcare has provided guidance for the care of the developmentally and intellectually disabled for over 30 years. Westcare’s staff play an active part in local and national associations to help improve the quality of life for residents and the integrity of our clients operations. The company has many innovative programs to help residents have a safe and meaningful life.

Tandem Northwest

Tandem Northwest is a non-profit entity that provides supported living services in the Willamette Valley. Based in Salem, Oregon, they serve many types of developmentally disabled clients with a wide range of conditions including medically fragile, autistic and those with high behaviors.

101 Pine Street NE | Salem, OR 97301 | (503) 589-4901

Milestone Decisions

Milestone is a non-profit company that provides both ICF/ID care and residential habilitation service in the northern Idaho area. With locations in Moscow and Coeur d’Alene, Milestone is able to serve developmentally disabled clients in their own homes or in the company’s residences.

611 South Main | Moscow, ID 83843 | (208) 883-8262


Crossbridge provides in-home services and care for the intellectually and developmentally disabled in the Boise, ID area. Services include up to 24-hour support and care including day activities and assistance with daily tasks. Through Crossbridge’s quality services, individuals are able to grow and gain more independence and confidence..

9205 W Overland Rd | Boise, ID 83843 | (208) 417-1774


Northbridge serves the developmentally and intellectually disabled in Alaska. Based in Anchorage, they provide up to 24 hour care in clients homes and work toward giving them a meaningful life.

4500 Business park Blvd, Suite C-11 | Anchorage, AK 99504 | (907) 770-0495


Westcare also supports services and clients that compliment their core business. These include outside consulting and cutting edge technology to improve peoples lives.

Government Contracts

Westcare has often been used by State and local governments for management and accounting support when a facility is in jeopardy. The staff from Westcare are able to provide a rapid response and help stabilize patient care and finances to give owners and government agencies time to resolve outstanding issues.


Westcare provides a skilled management team with extensive operational experience in:

  • ICF/ID Care
  • Community Based Waiver Programs
  • Skilled Nursing Home Care
  • Assisted Living Care
  • Residential Care

When additional expertise can make the difference, Westcare offers:

  • Comprehensive Facility Evaluations
  • Analysis of Internal Systems
  • Development of New Programs

Sound financial practices are essential and Westcare helps you ensure this through:

  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Monthly Operational Accounting
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis
  • Medicare/Medicaid Cost Reporting

Great leaders are the foundation of success. Westcare can help by providing:

  • Exclusive training and principles to develop great leaders in your organization
  • Live seminars, webinars and handbooks to create lasting results

When change is needed, but time is short, Westcare offers these services to both private and government clients:

  • Emergency Survey Compliance
  • Emergency Financial Management
  • Trustee/Shutdown Services


Westcare was founded in 1987 by Robert M. Decker. He started Westcare with a small group of professionals determined to provide world class management services for the long-term care industry. Since that time the company has grown tremendously and can now offer even more experience and resources to its clients. Like a great caddy to a golfer, Westcare serves to help clients see the dangers ahead and direct their companies in a way that will help them build great leadership, manage their finances and create strength for the future.


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